Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Achieve Radiating Beauty And Build Your Confidence!

When you feel beautiful, it gives you confidence. You know it does! 

But what if you don't feel beautiful or confident?

Let me tell you a story about how one girl developed her relationship with beauty and how it gave her unshakeable confidence in herself.

There was a girl who was twelve years old, she had zits all over her face, her hair was greasy and always in a lame hairstyle and she always wore the same three outfits over and over again.  She was definitely not in the popular crowd.  There was one girl in the popular crowd who would talk to her and was her friend, yet there was another girl in the popular crowd who always picked on her and put her down.  This girl did not have a lot of confidence in herself. 

Then the twelve year old girl turned fourteen, and her zits disappeared and she got a new hairstyle and the popular group started to talk to her.  This girl then became friends with the popular group and kept her other group of friends too.  She grew in her sense of confidence that had a lot to do with how others perceived her beauty.  She was even sought after by modeling agencies. 

When this girl turned nineteen she became overweight.  She moved to Hollywood and began to exercise three hours a day six days a week.  She really trimmed down and felt like her beauty was hers again.  She was even approached by famous photographers and movie/television directors/producers/agents. 

Never being interested in acting, she pursued modeling more seriously.  She hired a photographer and her goal was to model internationally.  The two of them flew all over the world taking photographs to build her portfolio so she could model for top agencies.
She was invited to invitation only modeling competitions for top international agencies, From that event she ended up having representation in LA, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit.

She modeled for a few years in her early twenties and decided she needed to go back to college to finish her degree.  After college, she moved to San Francisco and her skin became inflamed with cystic acne.  There were zits all over her face and she felt helpless and hopeless.  She was the opposite of confident.  She stopped looking in the mirror and became introverted.  Her Doctor prescribed severe medicine for her.  During the medication, she became terribly depressed and it was hard for her to look at anyone in the eyes when communicating with them.  She was totally convinced everyone was grossed out by her face.  The medication dried her eyes, lips, and nose out so she was never comfortable in her body.  The Doctor recommended six months of treatment and she could only take it for four months because of the toll it was taken on her mind and body.  She saw enough progress that she felt she could stop the treatment.

At this point, she was twenty five and noticed there was a shift in her self-esteem and her self-confidence.  She posted up her old modeling photos so she remember her beauty.  She new it was up to herself to build her self-esteem and self-confidence again.  No one was going to do it for her. She trained herself to look in the mirror again and eventually she built up her self esteem and self confidence again.

This up and down back and forth experience with having beauty and not having beauty led to some deep realizations for this woman.  She realized that beauty is on the inside no matter what her physical appearance may be.  Zits will come and go, fat will come and go, acceptance by the popular group will come and go, professional opportunities will come and go….

What she can count on now is knowing that her beauty is not dependent on how skinny she is or how many zits she has on her face or if she has a cool haircut or if she is part of the cool crowd or if she is an international model


Her beauty is on the inside. This beauty is unwavering for her and she will have it all of the time no matter what, no one can take it away from her. Knowing that this beauty is hers and no one can take it away, gives her the highest self-esteem and self-confidence that she can imagine.

This self-esteem and self-confidence created a magical switch in her daily experience. It propelled her to pursue and complete her PhD, start a business, have meetings at top television stations, pursue and achieve the relationship of her dreams and publish a book! Any guesses on who this woman is?

You can develop your self-confidence and your self esteem just like this woman. It starts with the recognition of knowing only you can give yourself these powerful feelings of beauty, self-esteem, and self-confidence.  As  Diana LaSalle points out in her article on Feeling Beautifulreal beauty is so much more than your physical appearance! 

Get in touch with the beauty of your heart, mind and soul. When you start to live this beauty, your body will reflect it out to the world and you will achieve a real radiating beauty that everyone will be able to see and feel! And yes, this will boost your confidence too :)!

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