Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Steps in 3 Minutes for the ULTIMATE RELAXATION!

Close your eyes and go to the beach!

Maybe you want to go to that favorite destination that brings you peace, tranquility, harmony, vitality, health, and overall peace of mind.

Spring break is here and some of us are partying it up in our exotic destinations and some of us are working like dogs! 

It turns out no one except us can give us that time and energy it takes to make the decision to just stop for a minute. 

Yes. One minute.  Make it three if you really can…

Take a moment to make your brain become a stop light.  Nominate a certain time of day or a certain song on the radio or a monument you see every day to just stop what you are doing, close your eyes and see yourself in that special place.  Then feel in your body what it would feel like.  Cultivate that feeling and visualize it spreading through your body down your arms to your hands and down your legs to your feet so your entire body feels that tranquility, that peace of mind. 

We can take a vacation at any moment, all we have to do is

Make the decision to do it!

You can start right now, and commemorate this moment! For the first time in your life you have decided to take your relaxation seriously!

Step 1: Find your REMINDER
Nominate a method of how you are going to remind yourself to “Go to the beach!” inspired from this moment.

Step 2: VISUALIZE your tranquil destination
Close your eyes and picture yourself there with as much detail as you can…

Feel what it is like to be there; be there for between 1-3 minutes approximately every hour you are awake

And watch and see your results!

A recent study shows that even brief mindfulness meditation practices (such as the one described above), done on a regular basis, can significantly improve your ability to control your attention!
As you get better and better at controlling your attention, you will find it easier and easier to take that vacation you so crave whenever you want! So keep practicing :-)!

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