Monday, August 15, 2011

Q: How can I be happy if my to do list haunts me?

A: Well.... you are not alone! 
Do you know how many people tie their happiness to their to do list?

I would even venture to say most Americans suffer from the to do list syndrome... moping around... because they never crossed off enough things from their list on any given day....

We for some reason, feel happier when we are more productive, yet we are also more stressed out, discontent and unfulfilled by the same concept of the to do list.

If I were to ask your to do list, “Are you responsible for <fill in your name>’s happiness?”

What do you think the to do list would say?

Actually, your to do list is an inanimate object and would not know what the heck I was talking about!

So next time when you are fretting over the lack of ‘significant’ accomplishment on your to do list, think about who is really responsible for your happiness.


and this starts with you choosing happiness right now!

This means you can no longer blame your to do list for your unhappiness.

You have only one choice and that is to choose to take responsibility for your happiness and that starts with making the happiness decision.

Go ahead, walk over to a mirror, put your hand on your heart and look at yourself deep in the eyes!


I <fill in your name>,
Do solemnly decide
to adopt the happiness decision
by being happy now!

Rather than react to my problems
I will use happiness to respond to them
forsaking all negative thoughts.

Regardless of circumstances,
in all ways, I will
choose happiness
for the rest of my sweet life!

*note, thanks to Lionel Ketchian et al of The Happiness Club for the happiness decision declaration.


Now that you have made the happiness decision, you can choose happiness no matter how many items are on your to do list.

and, research shows that happy people are more productive so you will probably even get more things done than the other way of looking at your to do list...

So, instead of your levels of accomplishment dictate your happiness or lack of...

My proposal to you is first choose happiness and perhaps you will surprise yourself with your levels of accomplishment.

Dr. Aymee

Dr. Aymee Coget is an expert of happiness at work. For more information about products and services including a workbook on how to create your happy profession, visit her website at and connect to her on fb, twitter and youtube.

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