Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To Find Your Passion & Live With Zest :-)!

How many people do you know that are passionate?  Most likely not very many.  What does the word Passion mean anyway?  Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.  

Sometimes when I am at cocktail parties, to skip the small talk, I will ask my new friend what they are passionate about.  It is interesting to see the responses.  Sometimes the answer is dull and boring because the person is not in touch with their passion. However, now they are thinking about it… and if the person does have people, places, things, activities, or causes they are passionate about, their energy totally shifts into the excitement of sharing their passion! 

Passion helps us live a zestful life.  And zest is one of the five top strengths to build and achieve sustainable happiness!

To gauge what you are passionate about start logging down when you experience an intense emotion.  Who was there, what were you talking about, and why did you respond so intensely? 

Go on, take some time now to reflect on the last time you felt an extreme emotion and describe the situation in writing -- Who was there? What were you talking about? Describe which extreme emotion you were feeling at the time? Why did you feel so emotionally connected to the situation?

Considering the answers to your questions above, what are you passionate about?

You can repeat the process for reflecting on other times you can remember experiencing extreme emotions.  Or going forward you can start a passion journal and start logging the situations you experience identifying things/people/topics that ignite intense emotions in you, whether they are positive or negative to increase your awareness about what exactly you are passionate about.

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