Friday, May 11, 2012

How To Create Your Happy Life :-)!

A wonderful woman, Sandy Weiner, who has a very decorated educational and professional resume in the area of leadership, sent the following visioning exercise to me that I adjusted for you.  The first step in creating your vision for a happy life is to find a trusted companion and a quiet room where you can be relaxed.  Have the person read to you the following visioning exercise.

To the reader: read the following passage closely and with positive intention, allowing the visualizer the time to relax and visualize.

Visioning Exercise
Speak slowly, in a warm voice….
(For about one minute)
Sit comfortably with your feet resting on the ground, your hands resting comfortably on your lap.
Take a deep breath and relax.
Now take another deep breath and relax even further.
You may notice that there are places in your body that are stressed or tight. Just notice them…. and then let them go.

Continue to breathe comfortably….
As thoughts occur,…. just notice them… and let them go

Say in a slowly paced, clear, and relaxed voice….
Imagine that you are walking along a seashore… The sun is shining and you can feel the sun’s warmth on your body.  Continue to walk along the seashore. .. and relax….

Notice a door ahead of you. Open the door. There are stairs going down… Slowly descend the stairs …counting as you go…

1…. 2….…3…….4……5…….6……7……8………9……10

When you reach the landing notice that there is another door in front of you.   On the door it says …. My Future Happy Life. It is a very beautiful door and you reach out with warmth and excitement to open the door and walk inside.

It is a movie theater and you notice that the movie playing is an exciting one -- 'My Happy Life looking back from the future  to now'…. You take your seat in the theater and watch the movie.  It is a very interesting movie, showing scenes of how you have progressed and grown happier and happier over the past years… You have taken a proactive stance in your happiness ….    What institutions are you happily a part of?   What type of people are around you?  What types of conversations are they having?…. What does your home environment look like? Notice the people around you…. The types of things you are doing….   What gets you excited…… How you spend your day…..Note what role you play….. What types of sentences, phrases, and words come up in your speech?  What are you proud of? What are your habits?  What does being you feel like?…  What else stands out for you?  … What do others say about you? About your happiness?….How does it feel to hear these things? ....What are you doing for fun? ....What gives you flow in your life?  …. What in your happy life stands out so much?

NOTE to the reader: leave time for each image to appear…. You may want to suggest that visualizers jot down what they are seeing on the paper in front of them and then go back to the movie until they are finished.  Allow 5 - 10 minutes… repeating focal points as listed above or others every 15 - 20 seconds. When you feel ready to move on… say:

Now, it is time to end the movie and return to the present…. please close your eyes, notice your breathing again… and find yourself leaving the movie theater… exiting out the door and returning up the steps, counting 10…. 9….. 8…7…… 6….  Take a deep breath and begin to feel your body waken….. 5….4…..3….  notice the sounds in the room around you….. 2…. 1 ….

Open your eyes and slowly look around…. When you feel comfortable, please either write or draw as much of your vision of your future as you can. …. describing what your happy life will be like in the future. You may need to close your eyes briefly to remember parts…..   Try to make your description as whole as possible.

Amazing!  I hope what you saw in your visualization was amazing and eye opening to possibilities you never thought possible.

Someone once said that when we achieve our goals we will be happy.  When we have met the perfect person we will be happy or when we do the right things or have the right material items in our life we will be happy.  

This Is Wrong!  

All of these come to us easier when we are happy.  Please stop looking on the outside for other people, places and things to make you happy, just look inside of yourself.  That is where true lasting happiness lays waiting for you to access it.

The vision that just appeared for you is available to you, you just have to decide to make it happen!  If you write out your vision you'll find it that much easier to realize it. Start off with the questions below!

Who was with you?

What actions were you participating in?

What were your surroundings like?

What were the sentences coming from your mouth?

Describe how you were feeling.

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